Jaime Serradilla / En el fondo


Jaime Serradilla lanza su primer disco a trío, En el fondo, con casi la totalidad de temas propios y grabado en directo entre el Teatro Duque de Sevilla y alguna toma en el club Soberao Jazz, siendo además quien realiza toda la mezcla y postproducción. Lo hace junto a una formación de lujo completada por Roger Mas al piano y Jo Krause a la batería.

It’s good to hear music that shows understanding of how the traditions and practices of American jazz go beyond simply improvising on a set of chords and scales.  There are elements in this kind of music making that cannot be omitted without losing important characteristic qualities including rhythmic swing, harmonic rhythm that relates well to the melody, attention to form, and clear choices of instrumental roles.

Jaime Serradilla has formed a trio with Roger Mas and Jo Krause that has used this tradition to produce a recording of Jaime’s compositions and arrangements that demonstrate the possibilities of personal expression that continue to live within the jazz tradition.  En El Fondo is a dark, brooding ballad with a section that uses a subtle double time feel in the drums to provide contrast and swing.  Fifth House is an arrangement of the Coltrane tune (based on Cole Porter’s What Is This Thing Called Love) that uses a complex metric scheme to add additional variety.  Kuka is a straight ahead medium tempo swing piece.  Buscandote is another ballad that makes advantageous use of double time feel and more rapid notes to enliven the slow tempo.  Bossa Para Voce has effective rhythmic breaks.  Dr. Esmi is a composition in traditional blues form, and Old Folks is an affectionate performance of a lovely standard.

It’s a pleasure to hear good musicians who are able to make personal statements while maintaining a satisfying aesthetic balance.

Chuck Israels